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Different color perception – is it normal or a deviation?

Why can we see the same colors is a different way?

The problems of color perception appeared when Tumbler published a post about an unusual chameleon-dress. Even two years after this hype, discussions about its color still trouble a lot of people. The result of different color perception depends on visual

What are the limits of the human vision – what you can and can’t see?

Peculiar features of the human vision

If you look at the space you are in, you can find familiar objects that you face every day. Even bright colors on various objects seem to be something ordinary for us. As it known, our eyes alone are unable

What should we know about vision changes to protect your eyes?

We are getting older not only by appearance

In our youth, we do not pay much attention to our bodies. It works normally if you don’t have any chronical diseases. But its resources are limited, and over the years we do not expect the best changes, including vision